Camp with us on-site for the whole festival experience. Four unique campsite options are available; premium Kahikatea located in the all-day shade, the tranquil Riverside, Trackside for the fast going or Self-contained for the comforts of home. Pitch in with your mates or meet new friends, you won't miss a single thing.



The festival’s premium camping experience; enjoy area-exclusive premium bathrooms and showers, set you and your friends up in freedom by choosing where and with whom to pitch your tent while enjoying the shade of your own private forest.



Wake up to the sound of the river and birdsong that belong to the beautiful Wairarapa surrounding. Indulge in a freshwater dip before making your way back to the party. Riverside is furthest from the action and will help you bounce back for another boogie.



Conveniently located a hop skip and a jump from the live stage. Trackside camping ensures you stay close to the action at all times. Tent sites are allocated on a first come first served basis so arrive with your mates or dive in and meet new friends. You won't miss a single thing.


Riverside Pre-Pitched / Kahikatea Glamping

Choose from a range of economy pre-pitched tents available in Riverside campsite only. Bring your own snuggly blankets from home. OR;

Go all out by glamping in Kahikatea in one of our Bell Tents, available as 2 Person and 4 Person packages. Choose your bed arrangement. Includes airbeds or stretchers, sheets, pillows, duvets, and solar lights.



We have a separate ‘self-contained’ camping zone available for large and small self-contained motorhomes, caravans, and vans. We have both the big (4m x 6m) and small (3.5 x 5m) berths available for self-contained campervans and trailers. Please note no tents are allowed in this area.

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How do I get there? Where is the entrance?

No.1 Line, Tauherenikau, South Wairarapa.

Have your “Parking Pass” ready to be scanned as you enter the car park gate with your vehicle (screen brightness on 100%). Remember to carpool so you are eligible for the carpool (3+) $20 refund!

What time do gates open and close?


Car park: 10:00am - 11.30pm 

Check-in: 11:00am - 7:45pm

Access between general campgrounds: Begins 6pm (or when most campers are set up)

Last re-entry: 11:00pm


Car park: 10:00am - 11.30pm 

Check-in: 10:00am - 7:45pm

Access between general campgrounds: 24hr

Last re-entry: 11:00pm


Car park: 10:00am - 7.30pm

Check-in: 10:00pm - 2:45pm

The festival ends at 6:00pm with campers needing to be off site by 7:30pm

When do the stages open?

Friday: 1pm - 4am

Saturday: 10am - 4am

Sunday: 10am - 6pm

When is the lineup released?

We have multiple release dates - the first release is in November. Follow us on social media to catch the releases! IG: @121.festival

Is there a festival app?

Yes! Use the WOOV app to plan your festival and navigate your way through the festival, going live in February.

Check back here for the link to download in February.

Is there cell phone reception?

Yes. But as with most events, it can get patchy at times with so many people on site.

Are there any prohibited items?

Check the Terms & Conditions of entry for full details.

Can I come and go from the event?

You’re free to enter and exit the event during the entry and re-entry hours above. Outside of those hours, there is no entry- regardless of whether you already have your wristband.

Can I bring food & alcohol?

Campers can bring a reasonable quantity of snacks and food that doesn’t require cooking. There are no cooking facilities on site and there is a ban on fire and cooking equipment.

As we are a fully licensed event, BYO Alcohol is not permitted. We do have an ample number of bars with a great selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

Water & non alcoholic beverages?

There are free drinking water stations all over the festival site. Bring your non-glass refillable bottle. Make sure it’s empty when you arrive. Please note: bottled water will not be sold at the festival.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! Volunteer with us in exchange for tickets. We have options to volunteer before, during and after the event. Get in quick, spaces fill in fast! Head over to the volunteer application page. All applications will be reviewed and confirmation sent by October 31st, 2021.

Can I take part in other ways?

Creativity is at the core of 121’s kaupapa and we are seeking applications to exhibit your work alongside the beauty of the Tauherenikau landscape. We are calling on all jewelers, clothes designers, barbers, tattoo artists, and more. In addition to this, we are also looking for expert practitioners and wellness advisors to join the festival to offer classes and workshops promoted throughout the event.

For more information and to apply, head over to the application pages. Applications will be reviewed and confirmation sent by October 31st, 2021.

Is 121 Festival wheelchair accessible?

For the most part, yes. The event is on a flat site with established gravel roads. We recommend that you bring a support person to assist you if you will require it. If you plan to camp on-site please get in touch with us by emailing We will endeavor to reserve you the most suitable camping spot. The accessible toilets will be visible on the WOOV app (mid-February). If at any time you need assistance, let any staff or security know.

Can I bring a pet?

No fur friends sorry (with the exception of guide dogs for the blind or those who have low vision).



What’s included in my ticket?

Tickets: The 3Day or 1Day ticket is entry into the festival grounds only. A “3Day + Camping” ticket includes camping.

Add ons: A “Parking Pass”, “Self Contained Vehicle Pass”, “Bus Pass” or a pre-pitched tent are all add ons and need to be purchased in addition to your ticket.

Do I need a “Parking Pass”?

One “Parking Pass” is required per car. Purchasable here for $39.

You are eligible for a $20 carpool refund  if you arrive with a car of 3+. At the gate, carpoolers will be given a token and a link that can be used to apply online. The only exception is that “Self-Contained Vehicle Passes” do not need to purchase a “Parking Pass” and are not eligible for a carpool refund.

What form of ID do I need?

Either a valid; passport, NZ Drivers license, or 18+ Kiwi access card. Any expired forms of ID cannot be accepted. If you have lost your ID, we will be unable to permit you entry to the event.

Do I need to print my ticket off?

Nope. You can present the QR code on your phone. Please turn your screen brightness to 100%. If your phone screen is cracked this may prevent your QR code from being scanned, in this case, print off your ticket.

Does my name need to match the ticket?

Yes, the name on your ticket must match the full name on your ID. This is due to COVID-19 regulations and to prevent fraudulent ticket sales.

Can I transfer the ticket into someone else's name?

You can transfer your ticket to somebody else's name in Eventbrite if the event has not sold out and it’s before February 15th. After the 15th or in the event of a sell-out, all name changes will need to be performed via Tixel (a fee will apply).

How do I change the name on a ticket?

You can edit the name in the Ticket Holders' Eventbrite account (LINK: until February 15th (or prior in case of a sell-out). After this date, all name changes will need to be performed via Tixel (A fee will apply).

What’s Tixel?

Tixel is our official ticket reseller. All tickets purchased here are guaranteed to be legitimate tickets. Tixel manages the transfer of ticket ownership between seller and buyer. List to sell (public or private), name change, and purchase tickets here. Please note, name changes can be done in Eventbrite before the event has sold out or before February 15th. Please note that Tixel currently has a temporary hold on instant payouts for sellers. Sellers are paid out the day after the event. Sellers are asked to agree to this before they can list the ticket. Please see their notice below.

I’ve purchased a ticket from someone else, is this ok?

Unless you purchased from official reseller Tixel, your ticket may not be valid. If you think you have been sold a fake ticket please email us at with all of the following:

Email contents:

Your First Name & Last Name: 

The Ticket First Name & Last Name:

The Ticket Code:

Information on how you purchased the ticket:

Purchasing any other way is not guaranteed nor recommended. If it's someone you trust, you must ensure they rename the ticket in the Ticket Holders Eventbrite account (LINK: before February 15th (or ticket sell out, if prior). After this point, all tickets will need to be renamed via Tixel (A fee will apply).

Your ticket will need to match the name on your ID to enter the event.

How do I swap campgrounds on my ticket? (or add camping to my ticket?)

Until February 15th (or as long as tickets last) we have enabled a self-service ticket transfer option so you can swap campgrounds, upgrade a “3Day“ to a “3Day + Camping ticket”, and more! To do this please log into the Eventbrite ticket holder account here (LINK: and follow the prompts.

While it is possible, tickets should only be transferred for other tickets of equal or greater value as refunds are not automated or given for the difference in ticket downgrades.

If you need more information on this process please see this guide.

I can’t come anymore, can I get a refund?

While we can’t offer refunds, you can sell your ticket via our official resale platform Tixel. If we cancel the event due to COVID, you will be refunded 90% of the ticket price. We will retain 10% to assist with the expenses that we have incurred or will incur in organising the event. For further details on the refund and COVID cancellation policies please refer to our Terms and Conditions. This is because event insurance is not available to us in the case of COVID related cancellation.

Will there be doorsales?

Unless sold out, all tickets will be available to purchase online.

Who do I contact if I have other questions about my ticket(s)?

If you have read through all of the above and still have questions about tickets, please contact: If you are contacting us closer to the event, we appreciate your patience in advance- as we will undoubtedly be inundated with queries and requests. We will endeavor to reply to you within 5 working days or before the event. When contacting us about tickets please include the following:

Email contents:

Your First Name & Last Name:

The Ticket First Name & Last Name:

The Ticket Code:

Any information we may need to answer your question:



What kind of tent can I bring?

Tents spaces are limited to 3m x 3m per 2 people and will be enforced this year. We don’t have space for gazebos or marquees. For safety reasons, we do not permit metal head hammers on site. Rubber, wood, or plastic hammers for tents pegs only.

Can we drink in the campsites?

No. Alcohol cannot be bought from the bars into the campsites and the festival is not BYO. We do this for safety reasons.

Can I cook my own food?

Campers can bring a reasonable quantity of snacks and food that does not require cooking. Unfortunately there are no cooking facilities on site and there is a ban on fires and cooking equipment.

Can I BYO alcohol?

As we are a fully licensed event, BYO alcohol is not permitted. We do have an ample number of bars with a great selection of drinks at reasonable prices.

Are there showers?

There are general, open air showers in Riverside for use by all general camping tickets holders.

Is there power in the campsites?

None of the campsites are powered. There will be a phone charging supplier on site, plan ahead and bring your own powerpacks to get through the whole weekend.

Can I reserve a spot next to my friends?

If you are in general camping or self-contained camping, the best way to secure a spot next to your friends is to arrive together and ensure you all hold tickets for the same campsite.

Can I sleep in my car?

Sleeping in the car park is strictly prohibited. Security will be in the area to ensure this is upheld. If you have access to a self contained van or motorhome, we have a Self-Contained camping area this year. You will need to secure “3Day + Self-Contained” ticket(s) and also a “Self Contained Vehicle Pass” to stay in this campground.

Can I sleep in a campervan or van?

Yes! We have two campsites for self contained vehicles.

Small: 3m x 4.5m - Think the classic converted Toyota Hiace or Honda Odyssey 

Big: 4m x 6m - A proper Maui-like RV campervan.

Please note: This area is 100% tent free to ensure safe vehicle movement.

Campervans (small or big) should be self contained. Refer here for a definition of what self-contained is.

To stay in this space, you will need to purchase a “Self Contained Vehicle Pass” for your vehicle, and every individual who is staying in this vehicle will need a “3Day + Self Contained” ticket to be able to access the area. Strictly only “3Day + Self-Contained” ticket holders are able to access this area.

Can I transfer my ticket and campground for a different one? Can I swap campsites?

Until February 15th (or as long as tickets last) we have enabled a self-service ticket transfer option so you can swap campgrounds, upgrade a “3Day“ to a “3Day + Camping ticket”, and more! To do this please log into the Eventbrite ticket holder account here (LINK: and follow the prompts.

While it is possible, tickets should only be transferred for other tickets of equal or greater value as refunds are not automated or given for the difference in ticket downgrades.

If you need more information on this process please see this guide.

Can I add camping to my “3Day” ticket?

If you have decided you would like to join us to camp, but you only hold a 3Day ticket, you can transfer/upgrade your ticket for the type that you need (tickets are subject to availability). 

If tickets are sold out, you have two options:

  1. Purchase a Resale ticket from Tixel for the ticket you need, and then list the ticket that you hold for Resale.
  2. OR you can email us Please use the following format:

Heading: “I need to upgrade my 3Day ticket to include XXX camping””First Name & Last Name”. 

Email contents: Full name on current ticket: 

Full name for new ticket:

Current ticket code: 

Current ticket type:

Desired campground:

As with all requests in our ticket inbox, we will endeavor to respond within 5 working days. We should be able to assist as long as there is sufficient time prior to the event if you provide all the necessary details and there is still capacity available in your desired campground.

Please note: It is not possible to add camping onto a 1Day ticket.

Does each person in my tent need a camping ticket?

Every person who is camping requires a “3Day + camping” ticket to access the campsites. Please ensure everyone who is staying in your tent has the same campground on their ticket. See our section on ticket transfers if you need to change your ticket type or campground.

What is pre-pitched/ BookATent?

BookATent provides pre-set-up tents for you and your guests to stay in when you arrive. At the end of the festival, you walk away, no pack up. It’s a great choice for the environment and a great choice for you. Everyone who is staying in the tent needs to have the correct “3Day + Riverside Camping” ticket. You can purchase a BookATent pre-pitched tent add-on here!

What’s inside the pre-pitched tents?

Check the ticket listing before you purchase, there are multiple pre-pitched options available, some with bedding and some without. Some Pre-Pitched tents come with a stretcher or double air mattress (depending on configuration) and do not include bedding. Glamping tents may come with stretchers or double air mattresses (depending on configuration), bedding, mats, a box table and a lantern. So please, double check the provisions on the ticket listing before attending the festival, so you are clear on what or/if you need to bring.

Do I get to take the BookATent home with me?

No. They get reused at multiple festivals around the country each year so they reduce overall consumption and so, are better for the environment.

Can I pitch my own tent next to my friend's pre-pitched tent?

Nope. Pre-pitched tents are all pitched next to each other, there is no space to pop a tent next to your friends’ pre-pitched tent. For any further questions get in touch with



Does my car need a ticket/pass?

Yes, one “Parking Pass” is required per car. Able to be purchased here for $39 All vehicles must present their “Parking Pass” to be scanned at the festival car park entry gate off “No1 Line”. If you are unable to present the parking pass, you will need to jump online and purchase one.

Why do I have to buy a car pass?

In an ongoing effort to be a sustainable festival, we want to discourage car travel as much as possible. But if it is the best way for you, please carpool with as many people as possible. As an incentive to carpool, cars that arrive with 3+ people will be eligible for a $20 refund on their “Parking Pass”. “Self-Contained Vehicle Passes” are not eligible for the carpool “Parking Pass” refund.

How does the carpooling refund work?

To be eligible for a $20 carpool refund, you must arrive with a car of 3+ people. At the gate, you will be given a token and a link to an online application form. “Self-Contained Vehicle Passes” do not need to purchase a “Parking Pass'' and are not eligible for a carpool refund. Everything you need to know about the process will be in the form.

Can I sleep in the car park?

Nope. Sleeping in the car park is strictly prohibited. You cannot pitch a tent or sleep in your car. Security will be in the area to ensure this is upheld. Self-Contained campers must have a valid ticket for themselves and their vehicle and park in the Self-Contained campground.

Can I access the car park at any time?

Nope. Car parks will be shut off and secured each night at 11.30pm. Check access times under general info.

Can I drive in and out each day?

Yes. You can check the access times each day in general info so you don’t get locked out. We will give your car accreditation to verify that you have already had your “Parking Pass” scanned in.



How do I buy a bus ticket?

Tickets are available through our website on the ticketing page. Don’t get caught out, book in advance.

Do I have to book for a specific bus time (or can I jump on any bus?)

You can only board the bus you have a ticket for. If you need to make a change, get in touch with us. (Refer to the change a ticket question under the ticket section of these FAQ’s).

Are there specific bus departure and arrival dates/times (both to and from the event)?

There are multiple journeys available. Head to our ticket page to explore the options.

What are the stops along the way?

The buses are a direct service. After departure, no stops along the way will be made until the destination is reached.

Where do I catch the bus on site?

There is a dedicated bus stop at the start of the carpark as you are leaving. Look for the flags and signs, or ask the staff at the ticketing tent or in the car park.

Can I bring my tent on the bus?

The buses have luggage space for your bags and tents. Please ensure you arrive ahead of the departure time to accommodate for loading.

Will there be any one way tickets?

Nope. All bus tickets are sold for both ways.

What if I only need a one way ticket?

There are multiple stops and pick up points for each bus. Please check the ticket descriptions to see which is the closest to you.

Can I catch the train?

There is a daily train service between Wellington and Featherson (which is the nearest station). Local taxis and shuttle services will be able to take you between the train station and the festival, we do not recommend walking along State Highway 2. Check timetables and service alerts on the Metlink website. Plan your journey by pre booking your shuttle, make sure your driver knows where the entrance to the festival is.

Returning to Wellington on Sunday via train from Featherston is limited to three services on Sundays; 0700, 0825 and 1725. Check timetables and service alerts on the Metlink website.

We’re staying offsite, how do we get to the festival?

There are local taxi and shuttle services operating in the area, it is strongly recommended that you book in advance.

First Choice CAB’s South Wairarapa 




Masteron Taxis

06 378 2555


Claremont Cabs

06 306 9162


Masterton Shuttles

06 377 1923


Carterton Shuttles

06 379 5303

027 446 4752

We cannot confirm that an Uber service will be available. 

Is there an Uber service near the festival?

To the best of our knowledge at the time of writing, there are no Uber drivers operating in the Wairarapa.



How do I buy food, drink and other things at the festival?

The festival itself is cashless, anything bought will be done through the RFID wristbands.

How do I get my wristband?

When you have your ticket scanned upon entry, we will give you an RFID wristband. It will be paired with your ticket. This is your pass/wristband/stamp and camp ‘key’ for the weekend. Don’t lose it. If you aren’t wearing one, you’re not considered a ticket holder and will be removed from the event.

How do I top up my wristband?

There will be top up points around the festival site where you can top up using cash or eftpos. Top up stations will be located next to bars and in the food and market area.

Can I use cash/EFTPOS to top up my wristband?

Cash and EFTPOS are accepted for wristband top ups at any of the top up stations during opening times.

Can I top up my wristband online?

We will release further information closer to the event on how to top up online pre (and potentially during) the event.

Is there an ATM onsite?

As we are cashless, we do not provide an ATM service onsite.



Will there be a lost & found?

Any lost property handed in will be taken to Campground HQ. Campground HQ is located at the northern corner of Kahikatea campsite, at the junction of all three campsites. Download the WOOV app to see a festival map. Campground HQ is open from 9am daily.

Any items not claimed by Sunday evening will be held for 3 weeks before being handed over to Wellington City Police station. Email: for collection, prior to Thursday March 31st.

Is there medical help on site?

Wellington Free Ambulance will be onsite throughout the festival. You can find their location by downloading the WOOV app, or asking staff and security at the event.

I’m on prescription medication, can I bring this with me?

All bags are searched on entry to the event. You are only able to bring in the quantity that you require for the duration of the festival. Your medication must not be out of date, the details on your prescription must match your ticket name and ID. Bring a script if you feel unsure. If you require your medication to be refrigerated, get in contact via more than 5 days prior to the event and we will do our best to accomodate you.


COVID Cancellation

What is the COVID cancellation and refund policy?

In purchasing a ticket or any add on to a ticket including but not limited to camping, car parking and dining you agree that 10% of the ticket price will be retained by the promoter to assist with the expenses that we have incurred or will incur in organising the event.

Why retain 10%?

There is no insurance available for the event industry to cover losses from COVID related cancellation.