121 is a music experience that engages all the senses. Premium sound systems, lighting, and stage designs are set across six stages, each with its curated feel and flavor built upon the natural and man-made wonders of the Tauherenikau landscape.

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Odyssey Stage

The heart of the festival, featuring a vintage glasshouse facade and enough room to have a proper dance to your favourite headliners. This is the epicentre of the 121 experience.

Koroī Stage

From New Zealand’s superstars to the best emerging talent, this is the stage where musicianship reigns. Take a break from the electronic beats to revel in the art of live performance.

Dance Tunnel

Heads-down mayhem at 140bpm: blistering, deep driving breaks in your favourite techno tunnel. With sounds originating from Detroit via Berlin, this is party central for the hardcore ravers.


Disco euphoria and the road less travelled in this Victorian palais of good vibes. From New York divas to jacking Chicago trax- this is where all roads lead after midnight.

Space Lounge

Enter the cosmos and allow some time for yourself amid washes of blissful ambience and mind-calming sonics.

A New Experience

A brand new experience for 2022: follow the secret path at dusk and find yourself in a wonderland of raised hands, rolling grooves, twinkling tree lights and a sequence of sounds. More info coming soon.